Introducing Rakuten+

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Rakuten+ this fall! The first of its kind, Rakuten+ is an exclusive membership for shopping lovers who want rewards on premium brands, offering 10% Cash Back and VIP shopping perks on participating designer labels.
Marketing Strategies

How to capture new customers with Personalized Rewards

As acquisition costs continue to rise, marketers are on the hunt for ways to strategically attract new customers without burning their budget. To do so, it is important to understand that consumers are presented with countless options when making a purchasing decision. Brands need to stand out from the competition in the crowded digital space by meeting the needs of their target audience and providing value to the overall buying journey.
Marketing Strategies

The enduring power of physical stores in a digital world

In a world where the click of a button brings anything you want to your doorstep, the experience of shopping in-store can often be overlooked. However, a physical retail space offers something the digital buying journey can’t, especially for fashion where the thrill of trying on the perfect piece of clothing can’t be replicated via online shopping.

Grab your ticket to Optimism 2024

Rakuten Optimism is returning to the US for the first time in five years! Our flagship event, themed “Fueling Meaningful Connections,” will gather thousands of retail marketing leaders and professionals for the season’s biggest marketing conference to connect, inspire and celebrate innovation. This year’s agenda is studded with celebrity speakers, insightful panels, and networking opportunities.  

Cash Back is the value shoppers are looking for

Though more deliberate with their dollars, consumers are still eager to buy and are outspending compared to last year. The average shopper is looking to spend their money with brands that can offer them value. Rakuten Chief Revenue Officer, Julie Van Ullen, recently dove into the current retail environment and consumer behavior in a segment with Bloomberg Business.

Cash Back is king of loyalty perks

Recent research from Marigold and Econsultancy shows over half of adults globally prioritize points or reward systems over all other loyalty perks. Consumers expect value in return for their loyalty and Cash Back is a great way to deliver it.

Here’s what’s trending in 2024

New York Fashion Week came and went, and now the fashion world is buzzing with new trends and of the moment designers. We loved GLAMOUR’s run down of the trends you need to know (and shop) in 2024. Keep reading to see their piece. And once you know what’s trending, read on as we’re sharing which categories are hot on Rakuten in the first weeks of 2024.

Accessible luxury doesn’t need to diminish exclusivity

When it comes to luxury shopping, what was once out of reach for many is now becoming more attainable. This is opening doors for a new generation of luxury buyers. Rakuten Chief Revenue Officer, Julie Van Ullen, shared an article on accessible luxury with Retail TouchPoints.

2024 privacy changes and the impact on advertisers

2024 brings a massive shift in the digital advertising landscape, with the long-awaited death of the third-party cookie. These cookies hold a wealth of user data, allowing advertisers to target individuals with unprecedented accuracy. But concerns over privacy have led Google to finally phase out third-party cookies in 2024. So, what does this mean for advertisers and the future of digital marketing?

3 strategies to boost your end-of-year sales

Cyber Week may be behind us, but the buying season isn’t over yet. This is the homestretch. For retailers, these final days leading up to Christmas are a crucial window to capitalize on lingering gift-seekers and solidify year-end goals. Use these strategies to wrap up the holiday shopping season – and the year – on a high note.

5 affiliate marketing tips for 2024

In today's marketing landscape, cost-effectiveness and measurable results are non-negotiables. That's largely why affiliate marketing is quickly becoming core to many marketing strategies. Its performance-based nature and high ROI make it an irresistible draw for brands looking to maximize impact. If you’re looking for guidance on launching or refining your affiliate marketing strategy in 2024, these five tips will guide you toward success.

Retail sales events driving purchase and loyalty this holiday season

Green Monday is just days away and we anticipate 2023 shoppers will stay engaged as they look for the next round of discounts and deals following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Last call for holiday shoppers: The December Push is on

December is shaping up to be a make-or-break month for the retail industry. While consumers are expected to spend throughout the holiday season, they will also be more discerning in their purchasing decisions, continuing to take advantage of deep discounts and waiting for the best deals. Retailers, therefore, must maintain a presence in the final weeks to maximize sales and maintain customer loyalty.

Drive elevated performance with Rakuten’s Champion Buyer Events

Each year, Rakuten holds hundreds of retail events both online and in-store that drive volume of shopper traffic and create opportunities for merchants to get in front of engaged shoppers. One of our most performant events are our Champion Buyer Events.