How luxury brands have adapted to win Gen Z

Research conducted by Rakuten and Vogue Business found spend from younger luxury buyers is growing 3x faster than other generations. How have designer brands evolved to win the attention of the new luxury buyers?

What’s driving consumer behavior and strategies to plan Q4 success

People are feeling increased pressure. They’re going to have a new demand for discounts as they prioritize needs over wants and make clear tradeoffs. Here’s a closer look at what’s driving this shift in consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

Back-to-School: 4 steps to win the season

Back-to-school is a long season with the potential to significantly impact brands’ bottom lines and set the foundation for Q4 success. Set your brand up for success with these steps.

The impact of student loan repayments on retail

In recent years, retail has proven to be flexible and adaptable, weathering economic headwinds and changing consumer behavior. How can retailers continue to maintain their resilience?
Marketing Strategies

5 reasons why now is the time to invest in a cash back strategy

Investing in a cash back strategy is a great way for marketers to win the wallets of shoppers who are getting smarter and savvier across the board.
Marketing Strategies

How to launch a connected cash back program that converts

As technology advances and options expand, customer expectations continue to skyrocket. Consumers expect convenience, to be rewarded on their everyday purchases, and a connected experience regardless of where the touchpoint is taking place. Brands are challenged with how to meet these demands in a way that adds value to their customers.

Rakuten’s Big Give Week 2023: Driving loyalty through retail sales events

From loyalty programs and cash back incentives to the rise of retail events, consumers have an arsenal of tools at their disposal for saving big on almost any purchase these days.

Investing in loyal customers and how Rakuten helps retain them

In recent months, businesses have shifted from a growth mentality to one that focuses on efficiency. They’re scrutinizing their spend, and consequently, marketers are being asked to do more with less.

Meet Gen Z: Fueling the future of retail

Younger consumers have the urge to splurge. Recent data from McKinsey found that 61% of Gen Z intend to splurge in 2023. Similarly, Visa found Gen Z to be the only age group that, in any given month in the past 2.5 years, was spending more than they were a year prior.

Summer 2023: What consumers are shopping and how to win them

What do travel, footwear, and pets have in common? If you guessed these are some of the faster growing categories on Rakuten as of recent – that’s right. While economic pressures are driving a focus on value and savings, we’re continuing to see shoppers spend money.

Gen Z’s Love for In-Store Shopping: Why Physical Shopping and the Omni-Channel Experience Matters

In Rakuten’s last blog post, we talked about Gen Z being a key driver of retail spend. In this piece, we will dive into a few pro-tips on how to enhance their in-store shopping experience.  

Redefining Luxury for Growth

Luxury is poised for continued economic resilience and steady growth. Despite market turbulence, the global luxury market grew 20% in 2022 reaching $1.65 trillion dollars.

The Retail Calendar Revolution

Despite unpredictable market conditions, retail sales have remained remarkably stable. Interestingly, the National Retail Federation anticipates retail sales will grow between 4% and 6% in 2023.

How Are Inflationary Concerns Impacting Consumer Spending?

Inflation has retreated from the four-decade high it reached last summer, but consumers continue to feel the impact as inflation is still higher than pre-pandemic levels.